Why Rain Gutters Are Important - Even in Southern California

It may not rain often in this part of the country. But when it does, the runoff can damage your home. Rain gutters can help protect Your home is one of your most important investment. Rain gutters can help protect it in these ways:

  • They divert runoff water away from expensive landscaping.
  • They help prevent staining of facia boards, stucco, cement and tiled areas.
  • They take water away from the base of the home, helping to keep moisture from going under the house where it could soften the foundation and promote the growth of mold.

What Type Of Rain Gutter Is Right For Your Home?

Rain Gutter Color Chart

We recommend aluminum seamless rain gutters on 90% of the installations we do on homes. Aluminum seamless offers the best value. And the fact that it is seamless means that it has a very attractive, clean look and there are less joints that could develop leaks down the road.

Download PDF showing 28 color choices.

NOTE: Colors shown are an approximation only, as computer monitors vary. Please ask for an actual sample before making a purchasing decision.

We also install copper gutters on some high-end homes where the owner desires the distinctive style of a weathered verdigris. This is common on some Craftsman-style homes in the area.